Welcome to Pauline & Paul’s Journey of Healing

Hello and welcome to our blog, Pauline & Paul’s Journey of Healing. We invite you to join us on this adventure, this quest we’ve embarked upon. While we have both lived a nomadic life for most of our lives, a little while ago we decided that we needed to find a way to live more authentically and in a way that would allow us to live with Truth, Compassion and which, most importantly would allow us to be of service to whoever we are able, wherever and in whatever form that might take.

It is a Journey of Healing, because we both have grappled for more than ten years with a debilitating  physical condition and chronic depression and anxiety that have kept us exhausted, unable to engage with the world as we’d like, and that have prevented us from working (as they still do) what you might call a normal job. You won’t hear all that much about these conditions on this blog; On the whole our focus is not on doctors, medications and the rest of the stuff that kept us trapped, almost helpless and enormously stressed (not to mention getting sicker). Please go to our About us and About the Journey page if you would like to find out more about us and our Journey.

We are turning away from that old life, the life that is mostly about money, how much stuff you can own, greed, lies from governments and the media. It’s not a real life for us. In fact, like a lot of people we are fed up with it all. We have chosen to look up!

Instead, we are turning towards a new way of living that is more authentic for us, that allows us to live a life centred on Love, Compassion and Service, wherever and in whatever form we can

Peace and blessings from us to you.