Words of Wisdom Shared

If You…

From an early age, I have collected quotes. From books read, conversations overheard, my own words from journals and other writings, even slogans on t-shirts and billboards.

One day I sat at the computer and typed up all those collected quotes stored in several boxes full of little notebooks and scraps of paper (Part of our house clearing in preparation for our life on the road). The result is hundreds—literally—of pages of quotes. That typing (which in fact took me quite a bit longer than one day) was in fact the genesis of a book that I’m still working on. As I typed I saw so many great words of wisdom that I just felt compelled to put some of them together somehow.

I’ve now been at that task for many years: it’s a very intense process and takes so much energy and, as any writer will tell you, the muse has to strike us before we can begin to strike those keyboard keys! Anyway, it will be done when it’s done; the very notion of ‘all things in their right time’ is actually one of the major aspects of the book.

As I got to the end of that original typing marathon, I noticed that, strangely, the very last quote in that long long list reads simply, ‘If you’. Clearly a sentence begun but left hanging. Who will ever know what would or should or could have come next but never did?

Recently I remembered that little interesting fact and decided to think about its meaning (anyone who knows me will know that I just have to dig deeper into such quirky little things). I decided to do a quick search of the whole collection for that little conditional phrase. The search revealed that there are  139 instances of quotes beginning with ‘If you…’.  

So, dear readers, dear friends and fellow travellers on life’s journey, here are nine (why pick ten like everyone else would have done?) of those quotes, chosen at random (is there such a thing really?).

No commentary or comment from me; you, the reader, have the chance to think about the quote means to you, without my two cents’ worth thrown in. Well, okay, just 2c worth: I have always gained a lot of benefit from quotes such as these (not necessarily these ones specifically); sometimes a simple quote has led to a healing or an important insight.

So, I thought I would it’d be a great idea to share some of my collection with you and perhaps there will be one or more that strikes a chord with you. IMG_20170108_112554-02

  1. If you allow things to surprise you, you will get easily confused.
  2. If you always do your best, you will be free from regrets.
  3. If you follow the eternal law, you can understand how to love.
  4. When you forget who you are, and don’t know what to do, act the way you would if you did.
  5. If you really don’t care, you aren’t going to know if something is wrong. The thought would never occur to you. The act of pronouncing something wrong is a form of caring.
  6. If you have to ask questions all the time, you never get time to just know.
  7. If you only look at yourself, you cannot find yourself, because that is not what you are.
  8. If you are not interested in this, then why are you here?
  9. If you deny even one person entrance to your life, you’ll never get their uniqueness from anyone else.

So, there you are. There’s much here to reflect on here. Lots to focus on, to meditate on, and contemplate. Maybe on another post, I will offer a few more of these quotes, these words of wisdom beginning with those two little words:

If you…

Love and blessings from us to you

PS We would be very keen to hear what you make of any of the quotes. Let’s hear your ideas. PAULS PHONE INDIA MASTER (3652 of 4288)


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