Where Have All the Ideas Gone?

Where have all the ideas gone?

Long time passing (since my last post)

Where have all the ideas gone?

Long time ago (8 days ago to be exact)


It’s one of the genuine blogger’s worst nightmares: the idea well has run dry. At the Town TapOf course all the blogging ‘experts’ tell you (allow me to paraphrase and generalise generously here) Post Post Post regardless. No ideas? No problem; just post any old thing. ‘Gotta keep them views high eh? Gotta keep that engagement level high. Keep them clicking!’

Well, as far as I am concerned, one of the reasons I’m not rich and famous (one among too many to list—way too many), is that I am never going to just publish ‘any old thing’. That’s because ‘any old thing’ is very often another way of saying, ‘Just throw them any old rubbish’. For starters, you are not ‘them’; you are friends, followers, fellow travellers on the Journey. Second, I don’t want to offer rubbish to anyone. Anyway, the whole approach is offensive to me, and an insult to you, as blog readers.Recycling Monk

Not only is that approach an offense to every single reader of the blog concerned, it would be for us a deceit, a travesty of our aims for this blog, which is meant to be a place to chronicle our own personal Journey of Healing, as well as a place to pass on and share ideas and insights that we find—or hope to find—helpful.

I do have to admit that I fret when I can’t think of a post. I know I shouldn’t, but I do. I want our Journey to be shared with as many people as possible; our dream is that it will gather a large number of followers and readers. Speaking personally I dream of making it the central, dominant work in my life. It’s kind of a weird notion but I would like to live this blog, make it my life.

So, our dear friends, if there is ever rubbish on this blog, you can be certain it is not there because of any deliberate act on our part. We simply wish to share our Journey, as well as the beauty we are always trying to create—Pauline’s drawings and paintings, and my photographs—with as many people as possible.

But that sharing is not and never will be informed, directed, or guided by, any kind of ‘How to blog and get rich’ hogwash. It will grow if it is meant to, in an organic, natural way as people are attracted to it, as people discover something on the blog that speaks to them. It will grow (again if it’s meant to) as those people share the blog with others.

A Niche OfferingThis blog comes from a deep place within us both. There, in that place, our Truths reside. We have pledged ourselves to honesty, to being open, and to allowing ourselves to be vulnerable. Some people might be freaked by this openness, but that’s okay: it’s our blog not theirs. We just hope that the cracks in us, our brokenness as human beings, will allow some light in (Thank you Mr Cohen for all you have given to us and to so many others), and that this light will not only help us on our journey, but will also reach out and help heal some of the brokenness in others as well.

Anyway, thank you to all of you, followers and visitors alike, for your support. An idea just occurred to me (that’s how this writing business works you know: you just have to start, then ideas will [sometimes] come): Please feel free to ask any questions of us, anything at all. Remember we promised to be open and honest! You can use the comment box, or email us privately. Up to you. That way we can share more of us and our Journey with you and with everyone else who finds this blog.

Hope to speak with you soon.

Love and blessings from us to you.

Paul Paul Self Portrait with Prayer Flags


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