The Countdown has Begun, but Who’s Counting?

Yes, I know: I’m supposed to be here until I’m there and I’m not there yet. I wrote that didn’t I? Not a bad notion when one can get it sorted. And, I’m getting there. No, not there there, but I’m getting there, as in practise will one day make perfect. Still, this morning I realized it’s one week today till we head out to the great desert country in the interior of this vast land.

Beach at the Entrance

Heading from this, to…

And I’m excited. More than excited, I actually feel a little sense of joy at the prospect. I feel already a kind of satisfaction, which I guess sounds a bit weird given that I’m not there yet and have no true idea of how it will be and what will really happen. I guess I am satisfied, content really, with the knowledge that we’ve made the decision and that we have a really good feeling about being there.

So, I think I mentioned in my last post that I will be doing some volunteering. The plan is to get back into Community Radio. Some of you will know, though some won’t, that I worked for a couple of years at a community station a few years ago. I loved it and would like to learn

Back to Country

to this! And it’s amazing out there too.

more and contribute more. So many people in Australia listen to local Community stations, and there is so much that can be done to educate, raise awareness, and entertain so many people.

We’ve got our accommodation sorted as well. Blessing of blessings we have a housesit for the first month, then a couple of choices longer term. I’ve told you all this haven’t I? Sorry, but I guess that’s excitement for you lol.

Anyway, I won’t repeat myself anymore. Just wanted to touch base and share with you some of my feelings about moving to the desert.

Love and blessings from us to you




2 thoughts on “The Countdown has Begun, but Who’s Counting?

  1. Nice! We loved the outback. We visited Fitzroy Crossing and learned how to track animals and dreamtime.. Oh and the tree frogs! Amazing experience. Have a wonderful trip, guys!


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