Checking in from Broken Hill: An Update

Hey everyone

I thought i would just jot down a quick update from our continued journey to settle down here in Broken Hill, in the Outback of Australia. First up, we’re settling in very nicely, thank you to all who’ve wished us well and enquired about how things are going

As you read in our last post, we are renting a tiny house (AKA a granny flat) and the owners could not have been more welcoming and hospitable. Just today we (well not me: I’m not well enough to lift heavy stuff at the moment) moved out a lot of stuff that was being stored here and moved in a great sofa (couch we say out here mate). Now we both have our own sitting arrangements suitable to our various activities.

We have all our stuff in its place now. Everything is ready and accessible, and more importantly, organised and tidy. Anyone who’s been on the road for months or years will know how much tidiness and efficient organisation of one’s belonging matters.


A nicely renovated cottage that shows off the lovely stone used in its construction

It was a nice long walk for us yesterday. Such an interesting town to wander in. Even the regular residential streets are full of things to see. Lots of miners’s cottages that have been done up (and many many more that haven’t been).


Then, on the same street at this lovely stone house front, we came across a synagogue. Not what a lot of people would expect in a desert town in the Australian outback. But, back in the late 19th and early 20th Century Broken Hill had quite a significant Jewish population, The synagogue closed in the mid 20th Century, became a private home for a while and in the 90s became the headquarters for the local historical society.


The Synagogue


Although we’d walked the main street a couple of times, this time we noticed a beautiful old tree we’d not seen before. Actually The Hill is choc-a-blok with trees, all kinds really, but mostly Eucalypts. Over time I have a plan to photograph some of them, so stay tuned. Anyway, this one was a nice surprise. Just goes to show it pays sometimes to come at things from another angle. You never know what you’ll discover.


A newly discovered tree

So, yes we are settling in well. We’ve met the owners’ two dogs; Pearl and Beege (Just wait till you see photos of these two beauties) and of course we know the three kitty cats from caring for them for a couple of weeks.

I see the heart doctor on Tuesday. After that appointment I should have an idea of what happens next. I’m feeling okay, just tired and trying to take it easy. Won’t be long and I will be repaired!

Thank you for your company on this Journey







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