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Pauline for Beads BlogHello friends, this is Pauline. I’m never sure where to begin when writing ‘about me’. After some thought I decided to start at my birth. I was born in Scotland in 1952, and emigrated with my family to Canada in 1957. I don’t remember very much from this time period. School was traumatic and uninteresting to me, and I made my way through primary school and high school as an average student. My main focus was to get it over with. That is not living in the moment I know. Later in life I was able to study things that interested me and  that are enriching—and I am still learning.

I left Toronto  in 1981 to live in Vancouver with some friends.  I had many questions at that time about what life was all for. But Vancouver didn’t provide any of the answers as my lifestyle continued pretty much the same.  I worked in temporary office roles, moving from company to company filling in for people going on holidays so I could save some money; from Vancouver my plan was to go to Australia on a working holiday.

This also involved working in different jobs and lots of moving around. I worked in Melbourne initially doing the same kind of temp jobs, then headed around Australia. While travelling, upon arriving in Perth , I fell in love with  Paul.  Paul had a very similar outlook to me and was looking for something more than the Maya, or the illusion, of what we think of as normal life.  We travelled together around Australia and went to England where we worked and got married, while travelling.

So, here we are today in Australia 35 years later and still on a spiritual search.  We have simplified our lives very slowly to a point of only having with us what we actually need. One of the things I need is to be creative.  I enjoy drawing and painting what is around me. It helps to keep me in the present and to relax, as well as being an integral part of my spiritual practice. I’m beginning to really see what is around me now. I hope to share some of my art with you soon.

We housesit as rents are over the top in Australia, and why spend the little money we have on rent?  So housesitting gives us a chance to move around, although we would like to have a longer housesit in order to settle for a while and to rest more.

You might be wondering why ‘rest’ being only in our sixties. Well, several years ago we both were diagnosed as having CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). This Syndrome is a debilitating condition which causes us to feel physically weak and extremely tired all the time. Even after lots quality sleep the condition never improves.  Work is not an option because of the unpredictability of the condition.  A foggy mind, confusion, depression and anxiety are part of the mix.

Housesitting allows us to live at a pace we can cope with.  Animals are our friends and the emotional support they give us is huge. We are very grateful that we are able to housesit.

Recently we returned from a 5 month trip to India.  You might be wondering how we coped with the challenges.  Well the benefits outweighed the challenges.  Currently mundane chores, cooking, shopping etc. take a lot of our energy with only a little left over. In India, because we could live on $35 for both of us a day (including food, accommodation and spending money) we spent very little. This relieved financial pressures and gave us a quality of life.  There was no shopping or cooking to do. This trip was emotionally healing and uplifting.  The physical side of things still persists.

We are currently living off a small amount of savings and working on getting well. We are not wanting to believe the doctors that say there is no cure. I have both been chanting mantra now for some time and plan to do more.  We are very hermit like in our daily lives.  I chant everyday and feel this type of prayer can only bring positive changes and benefits. I hope to write more about the chanting on this blog.  I use Mala (prayer beads) when I chant to help focus. So far I can honestly say I’ve found some sense of being happier and  more mindful. I feel the chanting is going to become more and more a part of my life.  Anything that can bring this sort of change is exactly the medicine I need.

I hope, my friends and family, you enjoy our blog and like what we share. We look forward to writing more posts and getting well. Not to mention that I would love to hear from you. So, please contact me with comments, questions or just to say hello.



Greetings. My name is Paul. As you see from my photo, I’m not that young anymore, but nor am I old! I have had a nomadic soul since birth, choosing to be born into a family that was constantly on the move.
It was natural then, that after I left home, I just kept on moving, and so it’s been ever since. I think the longest I’ve stayed in one place in my life has been about three years. And even then I moved house twice.
I have for many many years struggled with an exhausting physical condition as well as Depression and Anxiety. After years of frustration with doctors, medication and stubborn and uncaring government agencies, Pauline and I embarked on what we came to call Pauline and Paul’s Journey of Healing, in order to try to live a richer, more authentic and less stress filled life. This seemed for us, a kind of natural extension of our already nomadic life.
First stop on that Journey was five months in India. We both began to feel better almost as soon as we landed and while there we embarked, in a small way, our self-declared mission to offer service wherever and to whoever we are able.
Our quest for healing also has to do with our dislike and rejection of the Maya, the illusion that most of us think is the real world, and which includes the cult of materialism that rules the world. Combined with our frustrations and stress related to our health, we think the world is very sick and we could no longer face that dominance of materialism and illusion, the dumbing down of all aspects of society, and the blindness with which the public at large believes—and obeys—the endless propaganda fed to them by politicians, the media and advertisers.  Above all, we have become more and more frustrated with, and despairing of, what seems like the mass psychosis we call wilful ignorance; it seems more and more people are choosing to ignore what is really going on around them. This, we believe, actually contributes to the worsening violence, mass greed, and destruction we see on a daily basis all over the world.
So, this Journey we are on, seeks to heal our bodies and our minds, and perhaps even more importantly, our souls. Along the way we hope we can be of useful service to others. No, we aren’t one of those suffering from wilful ignorance. Quite the contrary. We have simply chosen to look up, to find another way, and to empower ourselves and we hope others, to (to use a well-worn but very apt cliché) light a few candles and not waste life and heart on cursing the darkness.
I am a deeply spiritual person and spend a lot of time chanting and meditating. I read widely, but at present I’m focused on some of the classics of sacred literature as well as various scriptures from a number of traditions.
I also write. At the moment I am writing on spiritual matters. I am also a Social Documentary and Social photographer coming from a Humanistic tradition and guided by love, compassion and empathy as I seek to convey the so-called ordinary moments in the lives of again, so-called ordinary people.
I have shared my life with Pauline for 35 years, and from the start we knew we were meant to be together. Soul mates they call it, and it’s a true description. Any happiness, joy or love I have in my life is all due to her. As well, she has encouraged my creative life, and for that I will be grateful forever.
So, in a rather biggish nutshell, that’s me! I am very open to anyone who wants to know more about me or my life. Or anything really! Just contact me.
Thanks for reading this. I look forward to hearing from you and I hope you will enjoy visiting our blog.
With love and blessings



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